Sunday, July 27, 2014

      ''For the July Daring Baker’s Challenge, Ruth from The Crafts of Mommyhood challenged us to bake a cake. But not just any cake; she asked us to add in a special surprise for our eyes as well as our taste buds!''
                                              Plain chiffon sponge cake
                                   3                                                                  egg whites
                                   3                                                                  egg yolks
                                   60ml                                                            oil
                                   90ml                                                            water
                                   150gr                                                           cake flour
                                   150gr                                                           granulated sugar
                                   6gr                                                               baking powder
                                   2gr                                                               salt
                                   as preferred                                                 vanilla
                                   Chocolate chiffon sponge cake
                                   as in plain chiffon with the substitution of 32gr flour with cocoa powder
                                   Vanilla buttercream
                                   170gr                                                            butter, room temperature
                                   50gr                                                              shortening, room temperature
                                   3                                                                   egg whites, room temperature
                                   100gr                                                            granulated sugar
                                   60gr                                                              glucose
                                   45gr                                                              water
                                   as preferred                                                  vanilla
                                   Hazelnut buttercream
                                   60gr                                                              hazelnut praline (caramelised hazelnuts)
                                   240gr                                                            buttercream
                                  Chocolate buttercream
                                  75gr                                                               dark chocolate, melted
                                  rest of the buttercream
                                  40ml                                                              hazelnut liqueur
                                  200gr                                                             simple syrup
For the chiffon sponges mix the ingredients for each flavor in separate bowls excluding the egg whites and 50gr of sugar from each recipe. Whisk the mixtures for about 3min and separately beat the egg whites and sugar to meringue. Then fold half of the meringue in each mixture and fill two 20cm-diameter rings sealed on the bottom with aluminum foil. Bake at 170C for about 45min, let cool and preferably refrigerate before cutting. Continue with the buttercream by thoroughly mixing the butter with shortening. Then combine the sugar with glucose and water in a small pot and keep watching the temperature with a candy thermometer until it reaches 100C.
At this point start whisking the egg whites at high speed . When they become foamy and the syrup reaches soft ball stage at 120C, remove from heat and pour the syrup into the whites in the form of a string dripping between the bowl and the whisk, while whisking in medium speed. Continue beating at high speed until cool. Making sure that the meringue is not warm enough to melt the butter, gradually whisk it in also adding the vanilla. If necessary soften the hazelnut praline with some liqeuer to get a foldable consistency and combine it with 240gr of the buttercream. In the rest of the buttercream fold the melted chocolate with the last quite cooled down.
Cut each sponge cake in four layers keeping three from the one and 2-3 from the other. If you choose the chocolate one as the first, place one layer on the bottom and brush with the mixture of liqeuer and simple syrup. Then spread a layer of hazelnut buttercream 3mm thick and cover with a plain sponge layer also moistened with syrup. Spread hazelnut buttercream and repeat the same process ending up with a plain chiffon on top. After refrigerating for a couple of hours, take a sharp pointy knife and insert it diagonally 2cm from the sides of the top and towards the bottom at a distance of 8cm from the periphery.
Cut all way parallel to the perimeter and remove a cone shaped piece with two bases measuring 16 and 4cm. Set aside and spread a layer of chocolate buttercream on the remaining cake, placing a chocolate sponge on top. Moisten with syrup and push the layer down to make sure it touches the sides of the hole beneath. Then turn the cake upside down and push down the sides to invert the shape of the hole. Spread another layer of chocolate buttercream and replace the cone in the hole. Optionally cover with chocolate buttercream and another sponge on top or just finish by frosting the cake with leftovers of the filling.

Monday, April 21, 2014

                                    Pastry cream
                                    180gr                                                     cake flour    
                                    300gr                                                     sugar
                                    1,5lt                                                      milk
                                    9                                                           eggs
                                    as preferred                                          vanilla
                                    45gr                                                      butter
                                    750gr                                                    heavy cream
                                    150gr                                                    sliced almonds, baked
                                    450gr                                                    kataifi      
                                    150gr                                                    butter, melted       
                                    100gr                                                    almonds, coarsely chopped
                                    450gr                                                    sugar       
                                    450gr                                                    water
                                    2 lemons                                               zest
                                    Orange sauce
                                    150gr                                                    orange juice
                                    150gr                                                    sugar with pectin
First comb and shred the kataifi mixing it with the chopped almonds. Evenly spread it in a 35x30cm pan and pour over it the melted butter. Bake in a preheated oven at 160-170C for 20min, turn the half-baked kataifi upside down cutting in quarters if needed and resume baking for another 20min until golden brown. Let it cool to room temperature and prepare the syrup by bringing water with sugar and zest to a boil for 1min. Pour the boiling hot syrup over the kataifi and let it soak. For the pastry cream heat the milk with the vanilla and whisk the eggs with flour and sugar in a separate bowl until homogeneous.
ekmek kataifi

Temper the egg mixture with 1/3 of the hot milk whisking continuously and combine it with the rest of the milk over heat. Keep stirring until the cream boils and remove from heat. Stir in the butter until completely dissolved and pour the cream over the kataifi covering the top with plastic wrap. Let cool and refrigerate preferably overnight. Whisk the heavy cream to chantilly and evenly spread the 500gr over the cream keeping the rest for piping half of the 16 pieces. As a variation decorate the rest with sliced almonds and serve with the orange sauce made by boiling the juice with sugar.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

                       Sponge cake
                       3                                                         yolks
                       3                                                         egg whites
                       3                                                         eggs
                       123gr                                                   granulated sugar
                       53gr                                                     cake flour
                       20gr                                                     cocoa powder
                       40gr                                                     powdered sugar
                       as preferred                                         vanilla
                       Citrus cream
                       180gr                                                   heavy cream, whipped to soft peaks
                       100gr                                                   white chocolate
                       60gr                                                     orange juice with or without liqueur
                       2,4gr                                                   gelatin sheets, softened in cold water
                       2Tbs                                                    mandarin or orange marmalade
                       1tsp                                                     orange zest
                       170gr                                                   heavy cream
                       170gr                                                   chocolate
For the citrus cream warm the orange juice until slightly hot but not boiling and stir in the softened gelatin. When it's completely dissolved  reheat if necessary to slightly warm up the mixture and pure it over the chocolate. Stir until the chocolate is melted, using microwave if needed, and add the zest and marmalade. Set aside to cool until lukewarm and finally fold in the whipped cream. Keep in fridge until set and spreadable, even overnight.
Continue with the sponge cake by shifting the flour with cocoa powder and separately combining the eggs yolks, sugar and vanilla in the bowl of a mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Whisk the mixture at high  speed until thick ribbon stage and pale in color. In a separate bowl whisk the egg whites with powdered sugar to meringue  Add the meringue to the yolk mixture alternately with the flour and fold as few times as possible and carefully not to deflate until combined. Spread the batter on a 30x40cm lined sheet pan and bake at a preheated convection oven to190C for about 12min until it has gained a slight color and springs back when touched.
Then let it cool, turn it upside down and remove the parchment paper from the bottom. Spread the cream on that surface after giving it a little stir to soften and roll the sponge cake lengthwise  in an tight and even manner. Keep it in fridge rolled in the parchment paper and make the ganache by combining the chocolate with the heated until hot cream. Stir until completely smooth and finally pure over the sponge cake roll. Refrigerate for the cake to set and optionally serve with orange confit and and chocolate decorations.